Empowerment and Growth


Through my recent travels, I’ve become more and more drawn to the notion of empowerment. While living in Australia, I felt a deep and meaningful connection to the concept. It felt like I was seeing everything with fresh eyes and a deep appreciation for everything good. The relationships that I had encountered up until that point, sitting on the beach while the sun was setting opened my eyes to the importance of empowerment.

The people I’ve encountered across the world have brought me great appreciation. Whether short and sweet, or lifelong, my relationships have significantly impacted the person I am today. The more I think about it, the more I realize the role others have played in inspiring and motivating me to reach my highest dreams and desires. This is where the word empowerment really speaks to me. These relationships are what led me to this moment, and this heartfelt message.

Empowerment can be found everywhere, from around and within. It is so diverse yet so simple. To me, empowerment is a relationship that motivates, supports, uplifts, and inspires. Whether that motivation stems from within you or within another, it creates a space for someone to feel really good. I have found empowerment through small acts of kindness from strangers, creative expression, and words of encouragement. I have also found it through the ‘go-getters’ that motivate me to ‘just do it’. But, above all, I find the most empowerment in the relationships that allow me to be totally myself, without judgment. The relationships that encourage my truest self to be expressed freely. These are the people I am forever grateful for, and this is a shout out to you.

Empowering others can bring so much light into a relationship.I know this because I have experienced it time and time again by people fully supporting my out there ambitions and allowing me to be as I am through good and bad. I have empowered others and been empowered by others by supporting the notions of being true to ourselves and following what brings light into our lives. It creates a relationship rooted in love and support and, to me, is the food to success. Even through the smallest and most seemingly insignificant conversations, empowerment can bring confidence, clarity, and a sense of ease to anyone, no matter the nature of the relationship (friend, co-worker, loved one, complete stranger). Empowering others and accepting empowerment from those around us is crucial to happiness and success.

However, just as it is important to empower others and find empowerment from others, we must look to empower ourselves. For me, these past years have been life changing, eye opening, and full of growth. They have also been the most self-empowering years of my life. This may sound like rainbows and butterflies, but the lessons I’ve learned have taken me through some of the most challenging times of my life. (The rainbows and butterflies came after the fact, when I began to grasp a better understanding of the lessons I was being taught).

One of my most significant lessons has been to recognize the importance of struggle. More often than not, it’s been struggle that has led me to the most beautiful outcomes. I try and think of it as a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ scenario. Specifically, through struggle, I have learned to let go and follow my heart by being aware of what feels good and right, and letting go of what does not. This has allowed me to open up some freakin’ magical doors. And through these doors I’ve found glimpses of true happiness that have brought me steps closer to who I really am. Following my heart by listening to what makes me feel good, what uplifts and inspires me and creates a drive has allowed me to live out my most prominent dreams. Empowering myself in these ways creates space for me to live a life that fully aligns with me and what I am meant to do.

Humans are social creatures who thrive off of connection. The stronger we can form connections by bringing light and empowerment into our relationships, the better our communities will be as a whole. We are here to cohabit and support one another. The more we succeed in this, the happier we will all feel. When we combine the empowerment from within ourselves with the empowerment from others, we can truly manifest greatness for ourselves and for society.

In talking about empowerment with people around the world. I have been interested in three questions: 1) What does empowerment mean to you? 2) What empowers you? and 3) How do you empower others ?. So far, I have been loving the results. Empowerment is a beautiful concept and it brings me great joy to learn about it. So, in closing, I welcome you to help me continue my learning by sharing your own thoughts to the above three questions.

With Love and Gratitude,